Euromcontact is the European Association of the contact lens and lens care products manufacturers. Euromcontact is the voice of the industry to the European Institutions, European Eye Care professionals associations, Patients organisations and other European stakeholders as well as media.

The mission of Euromcontact is to : 

  • Represent the views of the European contact lens industry to the EU Institutions;  
  • Promote uniform legislation and procedures for the manufacture, standardisation and testing of products throughout the EU; 
  • Maintain the European regulatory framework up-to-date in light of industrial and commercial developments;  
  • Develop high standards for contact lens and care products in the EU;  
  • Support the development of the European market and opportunities to export;
  • Safeguard economic, industrial and trade interests of the European sector of the industry.  

Euromcontact is member of the European Contact Lens Forum and of the European Coalition for Vision.